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Symbian - Carbide: Compilation Fails: Bareword Found Where Operator Expected (Wrong Active Perl version)

Compilation Fails: Bareword Found Where Operator Expected

Problem: When compiling an application, the process fails. The Problems view of Carbide.c++ reports that a .hlp.hrh file cannot be opened. In the Console view, problems with a Perl script are obvious (

.hlp.hrh file cannot be opened
Problems with the perl script

Cause: The version of Perl on your system is newer than 5.6.x. The Symbian OS toolchain is not fully compatible to the 5.8.x/5.10.x release – you will probably not notice it for most projects, but, for example, compiling help files does not work with ActivePerl 5.8/5.10.

Solution: Either install Perl 5.6.1 , or follow the steps at

Go to your SDK installation's "Epoc32\tools\perllib" path:

- Open file, change the following line (# 688)

$self->_iSpecArray->{$aName}= New CArgsSpec($aName, $aDefault, $aPattern,
$aExclusions, $aMandatory, $aRepeatable);


$self->_iSpecArray->{$aName}= CArgsSpec->New($aName, $aDefault, $aPattern,
$aExclusions, $aMandatory, $aRepeatable);

- Open file, search for the word "New" and replace it with "foo->New()"; for example, if there is a function "New CLogs()".

Reference from and

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